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PhD Thesis
Security on the Line: Modern Curve-based Cryptography
defended 1 July 2019 [pdf]
Conference Proceedings
  1. Rapidly Verifiable XMSS Signatures
    w/ Joppe Bos, Andreas Hülsing and Christine van Vredendaal
    TCHES 2021 [pdf] [bib]
  2. Improved Classical Cryptanalysis of SIKE in Practice
    w/ Craig Costello, Patrick Longa, Michael Naehrig and Fernando Virdia
    PKC 2020 [pdf] [bib]
  3. A Compact and Scalable Hardware/Software Co-design of SIKE
    w/ Pedro Maat C. Massolino, Patrick Longa and Lejla Batina
    TCHES 2020 [pdf] [bib]
  4. Dual Isogenies and Their Application to Public-key Compression for Isogeny-based Cryptography
    w/ Michael Naehrig
    Asiacrypt 2019 [pdf] [bib]
  5. CSIDH: An Efficient Post-Quantum Commutative Group Action
    w/ Wouter Castryck, Tanja Lange, Chloe Martindale and Lorenz Panny
    Asiacrypt 2018 [pdf] [bib]
    Winner of the Dutch Cyber Security Research Paper (DCSRP) best paper Award 2019
  6. Computing Isogenies between Montgomery Curves Using the Action of (0,0)
    PQCrypto 2018 [pdf] [bib]
  7. qDSA: Small and Secure Digital Signatures with Curve-based Diffie-Hellman Key Pairs
    w/ Benjamin Smith
    Asiacrypt 2017 [pdf] [bib]
  8. Efficient compression of SIDH public keys
    w/ Craig Costello, David Jao, Patrick Longa, Michael Naehrig and David Urbanik
    Eurocrypt 2017 [pdf] [bib]
  9. Implementing Complete Formulas on Weierstrass Curves in Hardware
    w/ Pedro Maat C. Massolino and Lejla Batina
    SPACE 2016 [pdf] [bib]
  10. μKummer: efficient hyperelliptic signatures and key exchange on microcontrollers
    w/ Peter Schwabe, Benjamin Smith and Lejla Batina
    CHES 2016 [pdf] [bib]
  11. Complete addition formulas for prime order elliptic curves
    w/ Craig Costello and Lejla Batina
    Eurocrypt 2016 [pdf] [bib]
    Nominated for the Dutch Cyber Security Research Paper (DCSRP) best paper Award 2017
Journal Publications
  1. On Kummer Lines With Full Rational 2-torsion and Their Usage in Cryptography
    w/ Huseyin Hisil
    ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (2019) [pdf] [bib]
  1. Polynomial Multiplication with Contemporary Co-processors
    w/ Joppe Bos and Christine van Vredendaal
    ePrint Archive [pdf] [bib]
  1. SIKE - Supersingular Isogeny Key Encapsulation
    submission to NIST for PQC Standardization with many co-authors
    [rd1, rd2] [website]